My name is Paul Minshall . I am a professional musician/song writer and I have been making music for over 30 years. I have toured across Canada many times playing keyboards with different bands including west coast Canadian artist Darby Mills, from the Headpins. My current band Dance Mob have been playing steadily since 2004.

After we were given our first computer I found I had an interest in technology I never new existed, and something new and exciting had begun on the internet known as podcasting. I contacted a few with theme songs and was happy to hear they liked them.

Some of my themes can be heard on The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte . “Action” can be heard on The Detroit Tigers Podcast .

My latest theme songs can be heard as the soundtrack to the short video “An introduction to Roz Savage Eco-Adventurer, Author, Speaker”, and for her current podcast “Roz Roams“.

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